Create original text effects for your headings and logos



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FontTwister is a fast and light program designed for you to quickly and easily create original text effects for your logos, headings, and title pages so that they become more visible and have more impact in your papers, presentations and multimedia projects.

Using this tool you'll be able to add brightness, bevels, embossing, transparency, texture, edges, soft shadows and blurs to your texts, as well as apply one of dozens of built-in styles.

The numerous preset designs are all completely customizable, so you can modify colors, add shadows and relief effects, or use different textures.

You can also see your design come to life in real time, changing the visualization as you add effects so you can then undo any of the changes which you did not like.

Supports BMP, PNG, and TIF formats.


- 30 day trial version.
- Adds watermarks to the resulting images.

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